The following are archived webinars hosted by the Helen Carswell Chair which explore topics in community-engaged research in the arts, particularly as relevant to community music organizations.

What is Community Music?

  • with Dr. Phil Mullen

Inclusive Music Pedagogy

  • with Dr. Phil Mullen

Making Music with Children and Young People with Challenging Behaviour

  • with Dr. Phil Mullen

Role Modelling, Representation and Community Bands

  • with Helen Carswell researcher, Pratik Gandhi and panelists, Colin Clarke, Cait Nishimura and Bill Thomas

Cultural Connections through Music

  • with Helen Carswell researcher, Patty Chan

Community Music Organizations: Playing through a Pandemic 

April 19th, 2021: this webinar features a panel of representatives from community music organizations in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood and city of Toronto. Our discussion includes Wendy Jones of the Pan Fantasy Steelband, Lucas Marchand of RPSM- Jane & Finch, Andres Tucci Clarke of Sistema Toronto, and Bryna Berezowska of the Nai Choir. All four community music organizations adjusted their programming to be delivered online throughout the COVID pandemic. Panelists discuss both their challenges and solutions for virtual teaching, learning and engagement; they share their experiences as Toronto-based community music organizations and discuss strategies for continued social growth. 

Helpful resources from this webinar:
  • Midnight Music: “simplifying technology for music teachers”
  • Kahoot!: “create a learning game or trivia quiz online on any topic, in any language”
  • Whiteboard on Zoom: “share a whiteboard that you and other participants can annotate on (over Zoom)”

Building Pan African Repertoires to disrupt Anti-Black Racism in Music Education

March 10th, 2021: Our roundtable discussion on incorporating Black/pan-African music in teaching, program building, and performance features a panel of educators, performers and advocates for increased diversity and representation in music including Brandyn Lewis, Wendy Jones, Darren Hamilton, and Karen Cyrus. 

Questions discussed in this webinar include: How do you incorporate Black music in your teaching, program building and/or performance? In what ways do you think we can collaborate on increasing Black representation as a local and global community of practice? What is the best way to integrate new repertoire with existing curriculum objectives? We are assuming that students might want to learn about their culture, is that always true? 

Helpful resources from this webinar: