Research Ethics

All Helen Carswell projects involving human participants require ethics review and funds are disbursed only after ethics clearance. The process for acquiring ethics approval usually begins after the Helen Carswell Adjudication process is completed and successful applicants are notified.

    • To learn more about the research ethics process, visit the Office of Research Ethics (ORE)
    • Required forms for research involving human participants are found here.
    • For updated information on the research guidelines from York University’s Vice-President Research & Innovation, see “Research Ethics Questions”.
    • As of March 15, 2022, York’s Office of Research Ethics expects all graduate students to complete the 2022 TCPS tutorial and submit the corresponding updated certificate. This means that students submitting new ethics applications MUST complete and submit the new 2022 TCPS tutorial certificate. Even if your previous TCPS certificate is under two years old, you are required to submit the updated 2022 certificate of completion for any applications you submit going forward.
    • Proposals which conduct research in the Jane and Finch community must be reviewed, approved and supported by the Jane-Finch Research Advisory Group. The principles here summarize the Jane Finch Community Research Partnership‘s expectations regarding respectful and ethical behaviour by researchers who work in the community so that all research on or involving members from the Jane and Finch community gives respect to the community and to community members’ perspectives, knowledge and values.