Research Priorities

We are particularly interested in projects that address the following research priorities:

  • Inclusive and innovative programming
  • Cultural safety
  • Culturally appropriate content and culturally appropriate learning opportunities
  • Accessibility (including but not limited to: students with disabilities, youth in conflict with the law, youth facing mental health challenges and youth in care)
  • Social justice

 We invite prospective researchers to explore how their interests may intersect with CMST’s updated curriculum, Nurturing the Musicking Spirit (Attariwala, 2021), and their Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression Implementation Action Plan (Kafele, 2021). The above are CMST’s research priorities for the 2022/2023 school year. However, we welcome additional ideas for projects that may inform curriculum and programming.

Proposals are also encouraged to build upon previous Helen Carswell Chair research wherever possible. To view our comprehensive list of previous research topics, visit our “Research Projects & Topics” page on our Helen Carswell website here.